Who we are?

We are a young team started by several programmers. We find that many people have run into such a situation: that is when you need a certain app to complete a quick work, while the options are either taking the trouble to download and install an app to your computer which may later reside in dust forever, or pay for a premium subscription of some online tools in order to remove watermark or other limitations. As programmers, we sometimes have to endure such headache too. Therefore, with UToool, we want to cure the headache of ourselves and of people in need, that is, you don’t have to download an app before using it, and at same time you can use online tools for free. In a word, we will be the one who provides a collection of free online tools continuously.

What we do?

At the moment, our GIF creator is already online and for free. In the days to come, we will be dedicated to develop more free and quality online tools for occasional use and for serious work. We will always keep our online apps built in browsers so that to keep your computer storage light, and more importantly, we will keep them all for free. Now besides our free tool to create animated GIF online, more tools are on the way. Just add us to your bookmark list, so that to stay tuned with the hottest tools to come.